Best Seafood Dine Out Restaurants In Delhi

Whether you are a die-hard meat lover or just a pesco, you're most likely to refresh your recipe ideas. Fortunately, we’ve been searching for the Sea Food Lovers who are on a lookout for an amazing and mouth watering taste from the marine land.

Just visit and dare to taste and take a stab at something new, add to your food bucket today something you've never had. Here are only a couple of the best places to discovered by the fish food motivation at the Tablemonks.


Oh! Calcutta (Nehru Place)

In India, you can't discuss fish without specifying Bengali food. Gracious! Calcutta commends the gastronomic joy of Calcutta, a city whose cuisine and cooking has been impacted by different noshes after some time, for example, Chinese, Lucknowi and Continental. Oh! Calcutta has a diverse variety of fish items that are delightful and awe-inspiring the most modern taste-buds. In case, you wish to visit Delhi during the monsoons, don’t miss out on a chance to visit the eatery, they hold a unique Illish celebration; you can't miss it.

International Trade Tower, Nehru Place New Delhi, Delhi, India


Guppi (Lodi Colony)

The entire Delhi celebrated when Guppi by Ai opened at Lodi Colony. This lavish eatery is only the place to encounter the best fish nearby. Known for stylishly satisfying interiors, a serene and relaxed vibe and elegantly designed by Chef Vikram. Guppi has scored superbly on all grounds and parameters. The eatery is spread more than 2200 square feet and has a lovely sushi counter alongside a large table with a cozy seating around it. Try the sushi first and then go for the Chef suggested cuisines for some extra delight for the taste buds. The food is garnished flawlessly and tastes delightful, a couple of flavors may appear to be an outsider to you, yet they will sit well. Guppi, which implies love in Japan, is precisely what you will feel when you eat at this eatery.

Lodi Colony, New Delhi, India


The Spice Route (Connaught Place)

The Spice Route is one Restaurant you should visit once in your lifetime. Exclusively designed by an incredible designer, Rajeev Sethi, this food joint mirrors the adventure and flavors of the Malabar Coast in Kerala through Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia to Thailand and Vietnam. This eatery has a phenomenal way of garnishing the cuisines and serving with a mind-boggling visual portrayal of the art and culture that went with the flavors through these locales. The menu is fantastically planned & designed by the culinary expert Veena Arora and the sustenance here is jaw-dropping with splendid dishes like the Chemeen Thoren (Kerala style prawns, blend seared with coconut, curry leaves and dark tamarind; enhanced with mustard seeds).

Janpath Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Moet’s Shack (Defence Colony)

Moet's Shack is one of Delhi's most mainstream fish eateries that’s not only homely but also snuggly. It's one of those spots where you can sit and relax for a considerable length of time without any stress, or come in for a brisk chomp before you go to work. Its contemporary wooden rugged interior, warm, pleasant and homely couches help you to remember a seaside shack. During the morningtide, one can kick back and take in the perspectives of Defense Colony through those enormous glass windows, with a lot of daylight peeping in. The menu is unlike from what other Restaurants offer, yet the fish here is the undisputed champ. In case you get a chance to visit the place, do try those Golden Fried Prawns and then set out toward the Fish or the Lobster. They have incredible Menu items as well and a fabulous collection of wines that works compliments your amazing seafood.

Defence Colony Market, New Delhi, Delhi, India



So, have you found something new to eat this weekend? Hope you like the cuisine and flavors of these amazing Dine Out places that rejuvenate your soul from within leaving a delectable taste on your mind.

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