Boost Your Restaurant Business 5X With APP BUILDER

Mobile Computing is the Future and Mobile Apps have been sheer eminent in shaping the future of the smartphone business era!

The best form of prediction for this mobile universe is that the Walls and the Gardens will be torn down and the bridges will be constructed through the Apps.

As rightly said, if your marketing plans doesn’t include the mobiles, then you’re not finished yet. Ever since digital marketing came into the attention of the top-notch brands, every brand started with getting their websites ready for the customers. In the event, they failed to realize that smartphones are evenly booming the industry with the accessibility and the incessant price drop, following which the mobile sites came into the picture.

Now is the time to gear up and conquer the market through a simple yet smarter strategy to rule this digital realm with an App Builder that helps you create an app for your Restaurant. Listed below are the top 5 benefits of having a Mobile App for your Restaurant:


Location Based Fencing

Ever wondered why you receive a notification even when you’ve never visited a nearby brand? That’s how Beacon and Fencing works.

One of the best ways of engaging your customers before they’ve even visited your store is by using the location-based technologies within your app. Beacons and Fencing are two such devices for tracking your customers and sending notifications.

How about keeping a track and remind of you whenever they cross your restaurant? Sounds like a great thought. Your customers don’t really know who you are and how different you are from others. One notification or a deal can drive tons of customers in one go.


E-Wallet Payments

Ever since the e-wallets came into trend, the payouts have been made extremely simplified. More than 40% of the transactions have been lifted with the introduction of mobile payments or e-wallets. Adding the mobile payments in your Restaurant App has highly increased the online food delivery rate.


Social Media Links

Social Media is a modern media that plays a magnificent role in engaging users across all platforms. Social Media Integration helps enhance your app’s functionality by attracting customers to check what’s new in your Restaurant.

The in-app social sharing allows smooth integration of social media feeds directly into the app. Social Media integration ensures the acceptance of your food or restaurant app by avoiding the threat of loosing on traffic.

Social Media sharing can eventually result in higher app downloads resulting in higher engagement ratio on your social page. A promising social profile has higher chances of retaining the customers online.


Increased Sales

Food and Restaurant app not only facilitates quicker ordering service but also increases sales on ordering food delivery. Online purchasing has shaped the efficiency and efficacy of the entire purchase and selling cycle.

This is for sure, if you let your customers order food through an app, they’re certainly going to prefer your restaurant over your contenders.



Having an on-demand food ordering and delivery app is a must to boost the customer engagement and finally increasing the sales online.

Creating an app is not a tiring thing anymore. Get your first Restaurant App free with Table Monks and get a roaring business for you outright.

Make your marketing more planned and impactful with a dining app and set your brand visibility among your rivals.

Creating your Food & Dining app doesn’t actually requires those techie developers. Instead, a creative instinct is all you need for custom made app.


A mobile mindset is a rising form of creativity that has impacted the way people access the content now; moreover, mobile apps are not the future of marketing, it’s the now.

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