What Are Some Must-Have Features For Your Restaurant App?

Creating a Mobile App for your Food Business isn't a challenge for you anymore when you have a platform that offers you all features to be listed with just a drag of your mouse button. It's difficult to find a place without an Eatery around its kin though!

The Mobile Marketing sphere is widening enormously because of the booming evolution from a previous couple of years. All you require is a dosage of motivation to plan that keeps your mobile customers more engaged in your Menu.

While you are looking forward to creating a mobile app for your restaurant, you must consider some of the prime features that can actually boost your Restaurant sales.


In-App Calendar

Explore your bookings in an autogenic schedule. Just a simple swipe by your customers can display all those tables that are un-reserved and vacant for your customers. This feature itself works as an efficient restaurant management app, worked by your customers.


Floor Plan

Book your exact place with a completely astatic and editable floor plan. Add or manage details with each tale and order or table bookings.

Choosing a perfect place to sit and Dine Out is something that most of the Restaurants lack in. Remember your customers are here just to have great food, the overall review of your Restaurant will include how you’ve treated them.

Choose an easy seating table even on a busy schedule. You don’t have to wait in a long queue or outside the restaurant. Have a small window shopping with your friends and get a notification on your mobile when your table is ready.


Wait List

Tightly managed table bookings need an expected wait time for your customers. It can sometimes be discouraging for your customers to keep waiting for the bookings.

Now with such a simple integration of this amazing feature, manage all such mass walk-ins and build your customers contact list.


Booking Widgets

Display the real-time availability of your restaurant and the tables that are vacant. Your customers love you for sure, that’s exactly why they look out a table at your door.

In the advent when all your tales are full, suggest an alternative time slot for them so you don’t miss even a single chance to delight them.


User Interface and Appearance

Your clients are without a doubt going to judge your business by its cover. Your app has to look dazzling and perform incredibly well than your potential contenders. Your Restaurant app should flawlessly reflect what you are here for. A unique design that intently looks like the brand logo can drive a booming business for your Restaurant. After all, you can't bear to slip away your customers for what you offer to them. It's your business/restaurant logo that your clients remember when they see your mobile app in the App Store/Play Store.


Landing page

Your landing page is the initial screen that your clients see when they stack into your app. Around 90% of the apps have been downloaded in the first try and deleted soon after a one time use. Only a handful of those clients will re-download the same app again and give it another attempt. All you have is a short window of opportunity to get your clients tricked and urged to use your application over once more. The Landing Page should just not look lustrous, rather additionally shows the tools, scope and functions of the application. In case your app additionally enables the customers to order the food through your app, then that should be the unique selling point of your app.



Managing a Restaurant is not a simplified business, hence having an app to manage multiple orders and placing it really prompt and time-saving is a huge task.

Regardless of whether you choose to develop an app for your Restaurant now or late, matters! You can still beat the top 5% of Restaurants in your competition if you get an app for your Food Joint today.

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