Here’s Why An App For Your Restaurant Is More Important Than You Think!

Mobile marketing is the future, smartphones & tablets are the elements!

Smartphones are going to be the ultimate way to deliver most of the services in the near future. Create the next big thing with the #1 App Makers for Restaurant & Food Venture. As a way to stay competitive you need to implement a multi-screen digital marketing strategy as your plans without mobiles are incomplete. Transform your business with the rising digital hub and make smartphones central to your marketing activities.

We’ve got 8 data facts for you that defines the benefits of having a Mobile App for your Restaurant:


One Tap Menu

One of the first things that your customers want to smell is, what’s cooking inside. Your Restaurant App can offer exciting cuisine across various locations. Never miss a chance to entice your customers with the tempting and tantalizing menu items. Having an online menu can actually speed up the entire ordering system and can even increase the interest of your customers.


Hassle Free Ordering and Super Quick Delivery

One of the biggest problems while ordering your food via phone is that misinterpretation can happen quite often. It takes one fault to compromise and lose a valuable customer.

With the advent of the Food Delivering App, there is no room for all those confusions and misunderstandings, hence one single opportunity towards an outstanding service can help you earn thousands of new customers.


Brings Out The Animal Desire To Guzzle

You can insert some tempting and inviting photos of the food you wish to sell. Enticing through pictures have always worked well especially when it comes to food. You will eventually see a prompt in the desire for the food items you’re willing to sell more.

The More Starving You Are The More Likely You Are To Tap On That Picture!


Get Paid Instantly

Mobile apps have surely eased the ways to transact in real time. No other means has ever brought that efficiency and symmetry in the process of ordering, delivery and payments.

Mobile Wallets ~ the effortless portal into your digital self!

Instant payouts encourage you more than anything else. Even your customers will be glad to receive refunds and cash backs in a flash.


Rise with the Reviews

A golden Review can truly turn you Business in no time. While you have a magnificent app for your Food Venture, your customers can start getting a Push Notification to Review at the end of the session.

A bad Review may spoil your breakfast, but you shouldn’t allow it to spoil your lunch! ~ Kingsley Amis

A major part of marketing and promotion can be controlled with the positive feedback you get on your App. Review marketing is an ultimate form of marketing that allows you to get an insight of what your customers think of you.


Super Deals and Festive Offers

Deals have historically been one of the hottest ways of pushing the sales and the present day is no different.

Coupons Truly Work! The only thing that has changed is we have become more creative with the coupon delivery system. Sharing your coupon codes through an App not only helps in fetching more people to notice it but also raising the likelihood to redeem the coupon code at your restaurant.


Boost the ROI

With the push notifications, you can even share the #HappyHour deals with your customers. In the end, all you need is to fill your restaurant and luring people to order your food.

As per a survey conducted by RetailMeNot, 25% of people in the US have at-least one Restaurant and Food App on their Phones.

The report has analyzed how smartphones and mobile devices have impacted the dining habits of people. The analysis has been segregated into two parts namely:

1. Mobile Coupon usage at the Restaurants.


2. Regular Dine out habits of People.


Marissa Tarleton, Chief Officer – Marketing, commented

Mobile marketing technology is a powerful medium when it comes to serving up the right dining content, in the right location, at the right time. When done well, mobile has the ability to drive more diners through their doors and keep them coming back for more.



Having an app as a powerful instrument for your Restaurants Promotional Campaign can actually boost your brand referrals. Offering more reward points to all those Happy Customers to share and increasing the social numbers on your Page can fetch more people visiting your Website and Apps.

Referral Programs have always helped brands to increase the Client Base and Customer Retention by offering reward points or incentives.



Here is the fact!

App Marketing is not new. Still, many small businesses are missing on the App Development and Marketing part as more than 90% of the Restaurants still don’t have an App for their business.

Managing a Restaurant is not a cushy job, hence having an app to manage multiple orders and placing it really prompt and time-saving is a huge task.

So, even if you decide to develop an app for your Restaurant today, you can beat the top 5% of Restaurants in your competition.

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