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How to estimate the cost for your restaurant business app?

Well! zomato doesn’t need any introduction here. it’s an extremely familiar app for everyone. for locating nearby restaurants, scroll through food menu items, checking the reviews, booking a table and lot more. call for any restaurant nearby for the best chinese food, you must find in there.   following is a list of features, you will find in the zomato app:   easy sign-ups even through social media credentials. custom and location-based searches enabled for dine out restaurants, pubs and cafes. enhanced map view to locate a perfect dine out place. push notifications for the trending restaurants. notifications for the new nearby restaurants. easy access to the food gallery, reviews and directions. follow your friends to their dine out places. book an instant table for you and your friends. place a food order and get delivered instantly. integrated in-app mobile payment system through debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets.   these are some hot feature that perfectly manages the daily customers on the zomato app. however, the cost of an app that is a perfect fit for your food joint may vary on the features that you need to add on. presenting you some of the features that can increase or decrease your app budget.   app size the number of functionalities and features that you want to add determines the size of your app. most startups begin with the minimum viable product (mvp) with those basic features to fill in their table bookings. later on, the app gets added with the cutting edge features as per the market response and behavior of the customers. this plan not only helps in getting an app for restaurant and updating it timely as per the business requirements and changing trends.   app ui the only reason why you open a familiar app every time you want to order food or book a table at a restaurant is that you are pretty impressed with the interface of the app. don’t be ignorant to accept that the design and interface of your app do 85% of your task in engaging and collecting the highest number of orders. do not think even twice to invest in those advanced features and technologies simply to grab a competitor advantage. while you are into the eatery business, you cannot afford to walk away even from your online interface.   app platform(android or ios) the platform on which you want to launch your restaurant mobile app decides determines how much it is going to cost you. the cost of an ios app varies highly than an app on the android app development platform.   app development/creation team here comes a point where you have to take a stand on how you want your brand image to be portrayed to your clients. the style of app development by writing long and back-aching codes day and night has worked intelligently to date. in case you are okay with hiring a developer who can solely inject some technical functionalities may not work perfectly for you. when your competitors have moved to an extremely easy, hassle-free and cost friendly process of app creation you can’t afford to spend the value worth of your time in getting that app developed in a comparatively longer duration of time.   listed below are some of the advanced features and functionalities that affect the cost of your app directly:   data synchronization push notifications geo-location in-app chat in-app camera external features secure data migration otp reading third-party api in-app calling or messaging admin panel managing user data usage analytics cash report add/block feature intercom support third-party sdk   conclusion why estimate cost? count the benefits and boost your restaurant business today. having an app for your restaurant was never an overhead expense, it’s an investment. add a comfort for your clients and they’ll never stop visiting your place. though it seems quite big-ticket expense, however, an app pays always pays you more than it costs.  

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How to create a Food Delivery Application
Restaurant builder| how to create a food delivery application

Every single individual in this 21st century is now switching to ordering food online from restaurants rather than doing it the old fashioned way ie going directly to the food chain store & booking/ordering meals in front of them so there is now a huge demand of applications & websites via which the consumers can order their favourite meal at their comfort through mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. so why to waste our efforts to approach directly when everything will be available in front of us just by clicking on the mobile apps. that is the biggest reason why food delivery app development for restaurants is rising exponentialy nowadays. let’s find the two major food delivery app development models which are trending. how to make a food delivery app like tablemonks which is easy to use & exploratory in its own way.   to beat everyother player in this over populated market segment, you have to be smart work. you have to battle for your presence to promote your service. i have piled up the biggest obstructions that are confronting all restaurants startups. here are some causes as to why you must partner with tablemonks.   you are not sure of your target audience. you dont have rightful thought that which approprite features should comprise your food delivery app. there is no expertise of how & whom you should be partenering with the food app development company. you lack a major admin dashboard which would handle & maintain all your inventories, employees, recipes & cuisines smoothly.   standing unique in the market with this much cut throat competition is not a piece of cake ! in order to have a strong footfall in the food delivery domain we have to think & act in a unique manner. you must know as to how a food delivery app like tablemonks is effortlessly working day & night to propose to the whole world something which is totally beyond expectations.there is an urgent need to find the best on demand app developers. so lets gear up to start finding your right audience.   finding the niche audience to promote food delivery app: firstly you have to define your aim first. if you are targeting professionals, who are seeking healthier food alternatives, you can categorize your niche audience and render freshly cooked meals that's how you won’t be targeting starving college students on late saturday night!sounds fair enough !! if there will be a clear sense of direction , it will be a lot more easier to perform & act the right way as it is needed at the moment rather than catering to every category of audience which will never serve a single purpose of your business. tablemonks has the superior capability to deliver a wide selection of delicacies via every superb restaurants in the market. we have the usp of delivering awsome service to the restaurant as well as consumers who need an appropriate guidance for ordering food online via apps.   what all i need for my food delivery business?   you must think of how to make the process easy for everyone i.e user and your restaurant business. consumers want the food delivery app like tablemonks to be clutter free – facilitating one tap order. they want to browse through numerous restaurants with different preconfined parameters. on the contrary, there must be a sequenced, structured and easy to use database for handling available orders, and gps integration to clearly define the pick and drop location. so you being the responsible really need to check the list of deliveries and client contacts to generate the whole loop. if any part of the chain is not maintained, you wont get the desired result. but don’t panic as we are here to help you transform your idea into a reality. so let’s surf whatall you need in order to create a food ordering app versions step by step.   components we offer in user app: we at tablemonks always keep in mind that developing the customer or user app, its mandatory to keep the user interface extremely interactive so that the consumer is able to easily search restaurants, cuisines in a few clicks & hence there is no hassle in user experience. lets checkout what's inside :   easier signup and account setup: consumer journey commences right at the very sign-up page. cut the crap there and make it easier for the user to sign up within flash of a second. you must let them log in quickly with social media logins.   finding a restaurant : what will users do post a successful signup? find famous restaurants to order some delicacies. so give the users priviledge to avail gps to find nearby restaurants. a detailed list of restaurant information, cuisines list, prices, special combos and reviews. let them search a restaurant by name.   moment to order : so the menu is all ready as well as the user to surf through meals in different predefined categories. you have to provide the user with the option to add the quantity of dishes into the meal cart and a delete button to erase an error.   tracking the food ordered: restaurants have to enable the gps tracker in the mobileapp so that consumers who are endlessly waiting for their meal to present at their doorstep have to wait less & can precisely track live the locomotion of their order.   secured payment mode: everything matters when the consumers pays for the meal. so making the payment integration fast, safe and secured will be an added advantage. they can choose amongst popular payment integrations like mobikwik, phonepe, and paytm etc.   what we offer in the restaurant app version: to ascertain how to make a food delivery app, you must fulfill a set of needs. however the restaurant needs an administration panel to manage numerous things like handling the orders, specific menus to be displayed, combos & offers to be displayed on different days.   registering the restaurant that’s almost the same for users and restaurants. we at tablemonks keep it very simple for the restaurant to register themselves, set/change password and other options as well.   app content dictating the content according to your restaurant deals must be mentioned creatively like photos gallery,menu list,signup page,payment page etc.   receiving payments that's the most significant component . with an instant notification of the order completion and payment, you are totally set to rock & roll ! paytm and mobikwik are two widely used payment integration system. .   conclusion cut to the chase- partner with tablemonks in order to increase your sales & customer attention & reach as we offer website & app development for absolutly free as well as we will promote your business to every corners of digital media on the internet. what we propose to you is, use our services & you have the leverage to pay us later when you star earning @ 9.5% on your orders out of which we give 5% back to the customers in the form of cashbacks & exciting reward points.   so hurry up as its now or never if you want to expand your sales & become no.1 restaurant in the hearts of your customers this is the only chance you've got!!

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